Starting new drivers off on the right foot

The instructors at Green Bay CDL Academy work hard to provide essential training for every new driver who enters our program. From young drivers to those making a career change, we do what we can to set our program participants up for success.

Our accelerated online courses provide the initial certification coursework to prepare students for the driving portion of the training. All students must pass a drug and alcohol screening before getting licensed.

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Dedicated to providing quality driver training

Green Bay CDL Academy takes pride in providing our driving students with a comprehensive CDL training experience. We prepare our students for a successful professional driving career by:

  • Providing classroom training
  • Requiring four driving sessions lasting three to four hours each
  • Providing drug and alcohol screening
  • Overseeing electronic logging devices once certified
  • Ensuring that your company remains in regulatory compliance
Give your employees the best training available. Contact us today to set up commercial driver training or company CDL training in Hobart and Green Bay, WI.

Are You Preparing for Your CDL Certification?

Get CDL training from a Hobart and Green Bay, WI instructor that cares about your success

Before commercial drivers can take to the highway, they must take extensive online coursework and in-person driver training. Green Bay CDL Academy in Hobart, WI provides the DOT-compliant CDL training that new drivers need to obtain their licenses.

Our owner has over 30 years of experience helping first-time drivers get their permanent CDL licenses. Whether you need individual training or company training, we have certified instructors that can help. Online courses are available 24/7 with instructor monitoring to ensure you stay on track with the coursework.

To learn more about your commercial driver training options, call 920-883-0301.